Liquid: A Quantum Leap in Hedge Fund Technology

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Liquid is a game changer for your hedge fund – the only true end-to-end solution giving you seamless control and superior speed while lowering costs and risks.

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Architected to stay leading edge—open source platform for innovation, speed, optimal performance, endless scalability, security and delivery

Private Cloud, SaaS delivery—100% of the software, hardware, data, processing services and storage required to run hedge fund operations are hosted and managed in the cloud

Real-time end-to-end capabilities in a single platform, on a unified database—integrates low-latency execution and order management with real-time risk, accounting and reporting

Automated middle and back office—manages full range of post-trade and pre-settlement services

Tailored solutions for individual users—custom interfaces match the use of the platform to the specific workflows of portfolio managers, traders, risk managers and back-office personnel