Liquid: A Quantum Leap in Hedge Fund Technology

Liquid White Paper

The New Reality: Persistent Automation for Fund Management

This is the year for big data. Across industries, firms have unprecedented amounts of both public, and private information sets—from user profiles and consumer habits, to business outputs and proprietary algorithms. But access to data, or information at large, does not guarantee a valuable yield. Jonathan Shaw, managing editor of Harvard Magazine notes, “The [data] revolution lies in improved statistical and computational methods, not in the exponential growth of storage or even computational capacity.” Data is ubiquitous but not intrinsically valuable – it needs to be smartly processed, not just farmed.

You don’t have to settle for your father’s back office, where access to data is restricted, asset classes are processed in silos, consolidating books and records is a very manual process, and real-time data for regulatory, compliance, and risk reporting is not available. The data map has changed—it’s time for a new hedge fund model.

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